Art of Pairing Epicure Connection is Christine Lundy’s blog.

An opportunity to share stories about Art, Food & Wine on their own or paired with one another to highlight the intrinsec values of each part.

I am French  Raised in Paris and Burgundy. I would have never thought that my life journey would take me to, literally the other side of the world, to the tip of Africa, Cape Town.

I have always had this thirst for knowledge and experience. So after graduating from an honours degree in communication and few months experience in Famous advertising agency Publicis, on the Champs Elysees in Paris, I headed to London. Why? Because I knew that I had to improve my English and because a job opportunity with the prestigious Hermes, luxury brand, opened up.

The job itself was not really glamorous but the experience was priceless and more importantly I met my bright South African husband, Guy Lundy.

I had never been to South Africa but Guy was missing the sun and the sea so there was no question that my path was to follow him.

I returned to advertising with Ogilvy but joining this time the Direct Marketing team and discovering a new passion for CRM and customer centric communication.

A year later a new opportunity arise in Publishing with Pearson Education, a new strategic position where I have realised what ‘knowledge is power’ means, a great marketing management experience and my first encounter with the fascinating world of writing and publishing.

Baby time, new horizon, the arrival of our two Babies, Emeline then Olivier have awaken the entrepreneurial side in me; triggered by the blessed meeting with Natalie Munro, multi talented artist and creator of the lovely characters Timba the Bear & Lula the Bunny.Timba & Lula Together we have turned her vision into a world filled with products. We published her initial book, manufactured and distributed baby clothes, linen. Believing that it had to be an international brand we changed our business model and moved to licensing focussing on local as well as international business. Hit by the recession we had to delay our dreams and expectations, but watch also this space in this blog: http://www.timbaandlula.blogspot.com/

This is when I revived other passions and heritage: Art, Food and Wine. Being in South Africa, the land of opportunity, I decided to focus my energy on helping boutique winery in South Africa by sharing with them my marketing experience, strategic ideas, brand and customer centric focus and global visions. At the same time I further my knowledge in both fields of marketing and wine by doing constant researches and studying for my wine Diploma.

Charles Cordier - Private Collection

Charles Cordier – Private Collection

Proud descendant of Famous 19 th Century  Sculptor Charles Cordier I have grown up amongst Paris museum and have developed a keen eye and passion for visual art. Now in South Africa I find true pleasure and excitement in discovering local artists from the past and present.

Epicure Connection comes from the fact that I have many interests and love networking. I am proud of my french culture and heritage, getting inspired by many artists and authors. Epicure, was himself an inspiration to authors in the middle age, inspiring them to celebrate life in the present; Food and wine playing a very central part.